Self-service for Team creation is enabled at the University.  This means that all users can create Teams.

Create a Team

  • In the left bar, select Teams 
  • At the bottom of the Teams pane, select Join or create a team 

A screenshot of the Microsoft Teams user interface.  Two arrows point to 1) The Teams option on the left of the interface and 2) the Join or create a team option at the bottom of the panel.

  • Select the Create team button

A screenshot of the Join or create a team dialogue.  An arrow points to the Create a team button.

  • Enter the Team name
  • Enter a Description of the team.
  • Choose the Team's Privacy setting:
    • Private - Only team owners can add members (the default)
    • Public - Anyone in your organisation can join
  • Select the Next button to create the Team.

A screenshot of the Create your team dialogue.  Arrows point to the Team name and Description fields, and the Privacy dropdown menu.  An additional arrow points to the Next button.

Learning Support

For help and support on creating a Team, visit our Microsoft 365 Training and Support site.